Bioparks and Wildlife Rehabilitation

Our Biopark is an Environmental Conservation center where we rehabilitate wildlife and carry out environmental education through recreational educational activities where our visitors learn about how to be proactive citizens towards the protection of our planet.

for the welfare of animals

Returning the boys home

The mission of the BioContacto Wildlife Conservation Fund is to improve the understanding of our environment through education and conservation programs on biodiversity and its components, which guarantee future generations the enjoyment, in balance with nature, of its means; assuming responsible actions and awareness of the impact we have on it.

“Charity is the ocean from which all the other virtues come out and where they end up.”
Lawrence Durrell

Bioparks and Wildlife Rehabilitation

On December 16, 6 animals that acted as conservation ambassadors were stolen from our Biopark. This is not the first robbery that has occurred in our park.

All our animals are rescued and rehabilitated, some are reinserted into the wild, others that do not meet the conditions for release remain in our biopark for educational purposes.

Andean bear conservation project

Our commitment to protect vulnerable species in the Andean region, especially our Andean bear, has a lot to do with the rural communities living in bear territory.

Assistance to people with disabilities

Our objective is to condition the BiocontactoBiopark as a public space with zero discrimination towards people with disabilities for Environmental Interpretation for therapeutic and recreational purposes; in terms of friendly mobility, orientation and therapeutic objectives.


Your contribution saves lives

Why is there biocontact?

Biocontacto not only offers the public the power to recreate, but also talks about the importance of each species, the role they play in the ecosystem and about Illegal Wildlife Trafficking (TIFS), a problem that many of the animals have experienced. that are inside the Biopark

Our mission

BioContacto Wildlife Conservation Fund strives to serve as many species as possible with the resources we have available: every animal is important to our organization and we will care for anyone in need. By offering services that focus on serving those less fortunate and addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution to helping the animals we work with survive in today’s environment.

who benefit

Every animal that lives on planet Earth, no matter how small or ugly it may seem to us, has a role to play, in order to maintain the balance within the ecosystems; when the human being begins to extract animals from their ecosystems, problems begin to exist; since more animals of a certain species grow that will look for more food, which causes the food resource to decrease, creates diseases, among others, or the species of animals that are extracted begin to disappear little by little to the point of extinction; thus affecting the ecosystem, reducing ecosystem services, indirectly harming man (Biocontacto, 2022)

how to collaborate

This program is being developed through formal and non-formal education projects aimed at children and adults in general, including people with special abilities; to be “Bioambassadors” on the problem of TIFS in our country, directly changing the consciousness and the direct relationship with nature through the senses, without physical barriers such as cages between the animal and the public and showing the story that each of the fauna specimens in the biopark has to tell. Here lies the active participation, between all the components of the system

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